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The Whole Stones/Glass Houses Thing.

October 28, 2008

The Moderate Voice waves some smelling salts under the noses of McCain supporters sniffing out Socialism in Obama’s agenda.

John McCain’s issues platform calls for a plan to fix Social Security which still involves collecting money from people, including the wealthy, and redistributing it to poor people, many of whom will pay no taxes at all. McCain has a health-care plan which will collect money from people, including the wealthy who can afford their own health insurance, and redistribute it in the form of $5,000 checks to poor people without such coverage, many of whom will pay no taxes. (In fact, he’s made a point of criticizing Obama’s health care plan over just this point.) McCain continues to tolerate and support a progressive tax system – and I’m just taking him directly on his word about how he would structure proposed tax rates and cuts here – which will collect a larger amount of money from people who earn more and deposit those funds into a Federal system which will, in some cases, redistribute some of those funds to Americans who earn less money, some of whom will pay no taxes at all.

Additionally, Joe Canason at Truthdig discusses legislation signed into law by none other than John McCain’s idol, Ronald Reagan.

Finally, let’s discuss the other bit of demagoguery in McCain’s most recent speeches, when he complains about the “redistribution of wealth” and equates an income tax rebate for working people with “welfare.” Leaving aside the racial subtext of those remarks, it is hard to say whether they display ignorance, dishonesty or both. The American tax system, like all other taxation in modern nations, has always redistributed wealth. Sometimes it sends streams of money upward, from low-income taxpayers into the pockets of corporate executives; at other times it sends those streams downward, to assist the very poor.

In 1986, Reagan signed legislation greatly increasing the earned income tax credit, a credit for low-income workers that reduces the impact of payroll taxes in order to boost take-home pay above poverty levels. When the credit is more than the amount of federal income taxes owed by an individual, that person receives a tax “refund.” Reagan praised the earned income tax credit as the best “anti-poverty” and “pro-family” legislation ever enacted by Congress.

It must be troubling for Republicans to learn that according to McCain, the Gipper was a socialist, too.

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  1. sfokc6125 permalink
    October 28, 2008 11:18 am

    Go watch see for yourself .

    I pledge No allegiance to Obama

    And corrupt welfare state for which he stands.

    And to Socialist democrats who want to rule .

    Will leave no Nation under their thumb.

    No liberty , No justice for all.

    Reformed democrat that means I voted for McCain.

    Tell the people . On Wednesday Turn off Obamas 30 Min sideshow and take the time to think before they vote.

    Talk about the issues with their family and friends.

    Don’t be sheep. Decide for yourself . But most of all This Great Nation.

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