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An Election Day Prayer from Florida.

November 2, 2008

Carl Hiaasen of the Miami Herald prays that the election doesn’t come down to Florida again.

The world is profoundly screwed up, and Your to-do list must be as a big as a phone book. There probably was a horrible famine or plague breaking out somewhere at the same time as the Bush-Gore fiasco, and You were too busy to intervene here, divinely or otherwise.

All we’re asking now — and we surely don’t mean to impose — is that You keep a wise and watchful eye on us Tuesday.

In case You haven’t been following the presidential race, many of the pundits are predicting Florida will again play a decisive role in the outcome.

God, we sincerely apologize in advance. After what happened in 2000, we never EVER wanted to face another November when the fate of the entire republic depended on the integrity of the voting system.

The possibilities are terrifying. We’ve got 67 counties, which means 67 chances for shenanigans, careless tabulating or simple machine failure. Heck, they still can’t run an election in Palm Beach County without losing boxes and boxes of ballots!

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