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Martin Eisenstadt = Hoax?

November 11, 2008

I previously posted a story about the alleged McCain staffer who came clean about being Carl Cameron’s “source” regarding the Sarah Palin “Africa – Country or Continent” controversy.

Well, now there is a major buzz going on that this guy may not even exist.

If it turns out to be true — and it probably is — I’m not too proud to admit that I, along with nearly every other major news organization, was duped.

But the thing to remember is that this doesn’t discount Carl Cameron’s reporting on Sarah Palin.  All this means is that this alleged “source” who outed himself isn’t really the “source.”

I have no doubts that anonymous McCain staffers legitimately provided off-the-record accounts of Sarah Palin to Mr. Cameron.  And though I’d take even those accounts with a grain of salt, I still believe Sarah Palin to be an intellectually incurious political neophyte who simply isn’t well-versed in geopolitical affairs yet.

But it is embarassing that, should the rumors be true, I fell for “Martin Eisenstadt’s” admission.  I suppose my journalistic integrity would probably take a major hit, if I were an actual journalist.

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  1. November 13, 2008 4:24 pm

    Seems to me that the people calling this a case of liberal media bias are way off the mark. It’s more likely a symptom of media of all stripes just going too fast to do a decent job of reporting. More on that here:


  1. The Staffer Who Leaked About Sarah Palin? Martin Eisenstadt. « An Essential Liberty

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