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Classic Republican Counterattack.

May 16, 2009


A quick synopsis, courtesy of Andrew Sullivan:

… History is beginning to gel around the assumption that the Bush-Cheney administration presided over the worst attack on US soil in history and failed to capture or bring to justice any of its perpetrators, put the next generation into unparalleled and unsustainable debt, did nothing to combat climate change, viciously opposed the civil rights movement of its time, shrunk the GOP to one in five voters, precipitated the worst recession since the 1930s, took the US into two grueling, unwinnable wars, humiliated the US at the UN with fatally flawed intelligence for war in Iraq, and destroyed the credibility and endurance of the Geneva Conventions, thus ensuring that future captured Americans will be tortured with no recourse.

And who’s to blame for all this?

Nancy Pelosi.

Somehow, Pelosi, who was only Speaker of the House for two years of the Bush presidency’s eight, has become the subject of the right’s latest counterattacks.  Every pundit on Fox News, every right wing blogger, every Sarah Palin stalker with a twitter account, every knucklehead that goes to sleep staring at a Sean Hannity poster every night, every Joe Six-Pack who dreams of getting waterboarded by Carrie Prejean…  they’re all screaming the same thing:  What did Nancy Pelosi know?  Why is she lying?

And the main stream media, fickle followers that they are, are jumping right on board.

And nobody seems to notice that this is classic deflection.  It’s so blatantly obvious, I’m embarrassed to even bring it up.

But they’re doing it, and we’re letting them.

The Bush/Cheney administration should be feeling the heat right now.  As more and more evidence is revealed, it’s becoming obvious that they not only condoned, but actually directed the torture of detainees at the hands of our soldiers and government agents.

It was George W. Bush, and it was Dick Cheney.  Those were the HNICs.  (google it)

But now the question is, “What did Pelosi know about it?”

What did Pelosi know about what Bush and Cheney were actually doing???

Yes, I concede that it is important to know exactly what everyone… and I mean everyone’s… role was when torture became the M.O. for interrogating suspected terrorists.  Pelosi should be held accountable if she knew what was going on and didn’t voice any objection.

But by no means should Nancy Pelosi be the singular focus of everyone’s energy right now.  Not by a long shot.


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